Fall Visits

This is my last week before my next work contract starts up so I’ve been trying to soak up the last little bit of unemployment freedom that I can. One of the nice things about working contracts is the time off you get between contracts, the not so nice thing is when the break runs a little long and you start to feel like a unemployed bum. This time around I have been more productive with my time by starting my own Etsy shop so the time has kind of flown by. It’s also going to be a little bit busy with work, school, my shop and this blog all piled on top of each other but nevertheless, I’m excited to get back at it. DSC_0921DSC_0899
As a part of enjoying my last week off, my little sis has come by to visit! Both of my sisters mean the world to me and we all get along so great that it’s always nice to have them over. We’ve been doing a lot of shopping, walking and eating good food. DSC_0915DSC_0888DSC_0902DSC_0910DSC_0913DSC_0879
I’m wearing: Dress: Shop Ruche / Shoes: Shop Ruche / Purse: Asos (similar) / Necklace: Ginger WaspDSC_0907
Have a great weekend!

Alex xo

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Autumn Playlist

After heading back to Ontario for Thanksgiving weekend, I realized that Fall is a little different in Halifax. Maybe the colours are yet to come, but I had forgotten how beautiful the leaves are as they change. Fall makes me want to brew some tea, curl up by the window, and read a good book. These are some songs that make me feel the same way!

imageMost of these songs are relaxing, chill, and sweet. I don’t know why I associate Fall with soft sounds, but I do. What songs make you think of Autumn?

Happy Autumnal grooving,

xo Paige

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Getting into the Swing of Things

Honesty time! After a year of no real academic stress, this past month and a half has been a real shock to the system. I’ve been exhausted, overwhelmed, and probably relatively malnourished (who has time to cook?). Needless to say, the adjustment of getting back into school-mode has been difficult at times.
I have really poor stress management skills and have the tendency to procrastinate. I also have a history of letting school take over my life. How have I been dealing with law school you may ask? I’ve actually started to balance things pretty well and I’m happy about that!
Routine is really important for me to make sure I’m giving myself enough time to enjoy life and not just “exist” right now. I’ve gotten into a good breakfast routine (including this really simple recipe of 2 eggs and 1 banana to make a yummy “pancake”). I spend my full day on campus and do a lot of my readings before the day is over. I have a great support system and I love keeping in touch with everyone back home (I seriously couldn’t make it through this without them). I also have a fantastic housemate who is in my program. She’s great not only for getting clarification and support on classwork, but also as an amazing “teammate” that’s going through the same pains as me. Who doesn’t love a good ranting buddy?DSC_2248I’m wearing: Jean Jacket- H&M, Romper- Target (similar), Glasses-London Retro .DSC_2280Life stressors pop up all the time. It’s really about making yourself aware of them, and making sure you react to them in a way that is in your best self interest. I find looking at the “bigger picture” helps a lot. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff!

All the love and stress-free wishes,


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Ginger Wasp

I’ve opened an Etsy shop! As a contract worker, you tend to feel very stir crazy during your off time which is why I decided to do something productive with that feeling this time around. Thankfully I don’t have a large break this time between contracts but it was still really nice to start something new! Making jewelry and doing my course work has made me pretty busy but it’s been fun. DSC_0346-copy
My shop is called “Ginger Wasp” which is kind of an ode to my current hair colour and the song from my wedding. I sell handmade jewelry ranging from agate slice necklace to cabochon rings. Most of the necklaces are either gold filled or sterling silver and the rings are mostly brass. DSC_0320DSC_0317DSC_0326-copyDSC_0371-copyDSC_0374DSC_0369-copy
As a thank you for checking out my shop, I’m offering this halloween bat ring for only 6 dollars! (Shipping included) I only have a couple of them available so snatch them up while you can.

Have a great day!

Alex xo

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Bob’s Burgers Halloween Costumes

DSC_0726We couldn’t help but get a little bit dorky with these halloween costumes this year. If you get it, you’re the best, if you don’t, that’s okay too but this post may seem a little ridiculous to you. I normally like to come up with two costumes every year; one that is pretty easy and cheap (preferably free) to make and one that is a little more elaborate. I do this for two reasons. One, I love dressing up for Halloween and two, I don’t like wearing the same thing to two different halloween parties. Even if it’s completely different people at each one, the excitement of the costume kind of wears off for me. DSC_0729These costumes would be classified as our super easy and cheap costumes. Paige already had everything on hand except for the hair clip which we made using tape, a bobby pin and yellow construction paper. My costume took a little more effort but I was able to use supplies I already had. I made a simple shift dress which was so basic that it only took me about half an hour to complete. I created the hat with a lot of trial and error. There were a couple of examples online that I based my pattern off of but basically I cut two eat flaps, four triangles for the top of the hat, two long pieces for the bottom of the hat and four eat pieces. You’re going to need to measure out your pieces by measuring your head and cutting accordingly. To put it together I sewed the short ends of the long pieces together, sewed the base of all the triangles to the long pieces, sewed two ear pieces together (twice giving you two ears with an opening in the middle), sewed the tops of the four triangles together inserting the ears as I went and last but not least I finished by sewing the ear flaps to the side. Again this will take some trial and error. Pin them onto the hat and very carefully (without poking yourself!) put it on your head to make sure they are in the right spots. It may seem a little complicated but I assure you it’s pretty simple. As a wise Tina Belcher once said, “I’m no hero. I put my bra on one boob at a time just like everyone else.”DSC_0741DSC_07342
“I’m sick of acting like a dumb helpless girl so a boy who dances his feelings will notice me” haha! These photos of Paige get me every time. I really do apologize to everyone that has no idea what we’re talking about right now. This must seem so, so, strange. DSC_0765DSC_0766DSC_0762These photos were so fun to take! I’m so excited to actually put this costume into action. I’m debating whether or not I should make a burger costume for Wilco. Too far?

Alex xo

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