Adjusting to Big Changes

Now that I’m living on the East Coast, I’ve had some time to process my move and the changes it entails. A new city, new friends, and a new workload is exciting and fresh! I’ve already experienced some of the fantastic opportunities this move has to offer. I’ve run through coastal gardens, gone whale watching, dressed up for cocktail parties, and enjoyed my first fresh lobster. Everyone I have met has been kind and welcoming. I already feel a lot of love for Halifax. Despite these wonderful changes, I am still overcome with moments of hesitancy. I’ve been working on ways to cope with them. DSC_1980
One of the hardest things I’ve been coping with is missing those who aren’t near. I have incredible friends, and I miss them! The cynic in me wonders if any of the new people I am meeting could have souls as beautiful as the ones I left behind. This is the worst attitude to have! I’ve been working on understanding that you can always have room for more people and different relationships in your life. Relationships take time to reach a level where you are truly comfortable with one another. That is not going to happen right away. I’ve been slowly opening my mind to the idea that friendships take time, and that you don’t have to have sparks or an immediate “click” to meet a solid, incredible person.DSC_2046DSC_2060
A move of any sorts seems to make you reassess your life and the person you want to become. After all, this is an opportunity you are creating for yourself (for whatever reason), that will change the way you have been living your life. During my move I kept thinking of the qualities about myself that I wanted to maintain and the qualities I wanted to change. I’m trying to hold myself accountable to maintain a healthy lifestyle (i.e. keeping up the running Alex and I trained so hard for), and to continue to balance my work life with a social one. I’ve found setting small goals such as scheduling one creative activity a week, allows for you to accomplish these things! DSC_2013
In terms of life changes, I’m working on wasting less time and making the most out of the moments I have “free”. Less youtube and more painting on the everyday schedule!  I’ve also been trying to let go of the things I regret. Regret is a painful emotion that becomes very heavy if you dwell on it. I have made my share of mistakes, but I have learned from them. Learning from mistakes and moving forward is what makes you grow as an individual. New city, clean slate? DSC_1985I’m wearing: Top- Modcloth, Skirt- Old Navy (similar), Booties- Target.DSC_2018
Making a big move can be scary, but making the most out of the opportunities change provides you with is what makes every moment worth it! I’m so grateful this beautiful coastal city is my new home.

All my love,



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Krakow, Poland

DSC_1748DSC_1751DSC_1759-copyDSC_1755-copyDSC_1752DSC_1761It’s time for the next destination stop from my past trip to Europe! Although we didn’t stay here very long (it was just a day trip) I really loved the city of Krakow. Sure, it was very busy and there were a lot of tourists roaming around but it was extremely beautiful and historic looking. I’ve always been a lover of flea & farmers markets so I really enjoyed wandering around the huge market they had in the heart of the city. I would even go as far as recommending a visit to Krakow for that reason alone. If that’s not your thing though there are so many other beautiful old buildings and churches you can tour and learn about! Some must see’s include, St. Mary’s church and St. Florian’s Gate.

I really do wish we had the time to visit and explore this city a little more but from what we did see it is worth another visit!

Alex xo

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Airbnb – Prague

DSC_1722This is the first time I have booked a place with Airbnb and I can honestly say that I have no complaints. Because it was my very first time it is possible that I just got extremely lucky but I would have a hard time believing that. As soon as I came across the concept I thought it was such a great idea. For those of you who don’t know, Airbnb is a website where you can search for destinations and rent rooms or entire homes/apartments from a local in that area. For people like Jordan and I that like to be fully immersed in the places we stay, this seemed like a perfect option for us. DSC_1720DSC_1735We stayed in a flat that was just across the Charles Bridge from the downtown area. We were in walking distance to everything we wanted to see and the neighbourhood was nice and safe to walk around in. I think the best part of the whole experience is meeting new people as well! Karolina was there waiting for us when we arrived with a whole list of places we should see. She left so many little treats out for us (including the best local beer which is always a must-try for us when we travel). She was able to give us information on the city that we wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else, no matter how much we searched online. DSC_1719DSC_1724The other thing that is probably pretty important to most people when they travel (it definitely is for us) is the price of accommodation. We always prefer to save our money in the accommodation area (within reason, of course) so we can splurge more on activities and trying the local food. The good news for people similar to us is most of the places we saw on Airbnb were actually a lot cheaper than what you would pay to stay in a hotel room further out of the city. DSC_1737DSC_1730DSC_1740jpgThe place we stayed was just so charming, it was so nice to spend the little downtime we had hanging out here. The way everything was decoration was close to our own personal style which really made it feel more “homey” as well. If you are ever in the area and are looking for a place to say, check out Karolina’s listing hereDSC_1733DSC_1747-copy
If you want to get $27 dollars off your next vacation, use this link here to sign up for Airbnb! Your travel credit will stay on your account until you book your next vacation rental.

Happy travels,

Alex xo

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The Ultimate Summer Road Trip Playlist

The-Ultimate-Road-TripJordan and I have been doing a lot of driving lately. It has made for some pretty amazing adventures that I can truly say I will remember for the rest of my life. I am a firm believer that half the fun of a trip is the destination to get there. When I look back at a lot of my favourite trips with family or friends the majority of my favourite memories were create on the drive to or from the actual vacation spot.

My favourite road trip of all time was a last minute decision to go to Georgia for the weekend for my brother-in-law’s, sister’s wedding with my Dad. We were planning on leaving Thursday morning which would have given us one full day to get there, two full days in Georgia and one full day to get back. We ended up having car troubles which didn’t get resolved until Friday afternoon. I remember my dad looking at me and saying “Well, that’s too bad. We won’t make it”. I looked at him like he was crazy and said “We’ve still got 30 hours to get there”. We quickly packed, jumped in the car and took turns driving for 16 hours straight. We got there early the next morning, got a couple of hours of sleep, went to the wedding and did the long drive all over again the next morning. While the wedding was amazing, it really was the drive to and from the wedding that made the trip so special. It seems crazy but I think that will always be one of my favourite memories with my dad.

This playlist is the ultimate summer road trip playlist for me. It’s got a little bit of everything and when I listen to it, it really brings back all the happiness that goes hand in hand with a long drive. Yes, summer is over and the “road trip season” is coming to a close but I hope you will be able to listen to this throughout the year to bring back memories and to encourage you to plan an adventure with the people you love next summer.
Alex xo

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Farewell Long Locks!

If you’ve been following my instagram feed lately you will have noticed by now that I have chopped a large chunk of my hair off! It has been something I have been wanting to do for a little while now but was never able to muster up the courage to do it. This summer has been so, so wonderful but was also filled with a lot of struggles as well in my personal life. I’ve been really trying to try to turn some of the bad into good and with that comes a new perspective on life. Nothing is certain and life is short so why stress out about something as meaningless as hair? With that mentality I visited my favourite hair stylist in the world (Lucy Zemba from Cavana Inn & Spa) and got my hair cut just below my shoulders.
I think one of the reasons I’ve had a hard time committing to a shorter hair cut was because the only other time my hair has been that short was as a child and right after high school. I was pretty useless when it came to doing my hair back then so even though it was a nice cut, looking back at pictures made me scared to go back to that length. It always just seemed to highlight a lot of my facial features I wasn’t comfortable with and made me look really young. The overly flat-ironed hair probably didn’t help with that though. I figured I needed to try it once more to give it a fair chance.
I’m wearing: Top: Urban Outfitters / Jeans: Urban Outfitters / Moccasins: Minnetonka Moccasin (last year)DSC_2482
Obviously that means that these are old photos! I actually took them right before heading to my hair appointment. I have this thing where on the day of a major hair change I always have to spend some time doing my hair nice one last time before I get it cut. It’s strange, I know. It’s just something I like to do. haha. If you want to check out my new do, you can see it here!

So goodbye long hair, I’ll catch up with ya in a couple of years or when I have the money to justify hair extensions. Whichever comes first ;)

Alex xo

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