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DSC_0852Things have been different this year for Paige and I due to our long distance friendship and being back at school. It has been a challenge to get together because she is only home for very brief periods of time and when she does make it home, it’s hard to focus on blog things. There is just so much wine to be drunk, cheesy movies to see, and hangouts to be had. Having blog photo shoots is one way to make sure we get together more frequently, even if it’s just for an hour or two. That is one of the reasons we were so excited when Ginny from Centime contacted us asking us to review her popular name rings! They are such pretty rings and it allowed us to get one final moment together before Paige headed back to the East Coast. DSC_0859DSC_0970We absolutely love these rings. They are so dainty and pretty and pair perfectly with other rings we already own. My friend, Ellen, took me to get a manicure for Christmas so I was pretty excited to have some new jewelry to wear with my newly painted nails (which I’ll admit, is a pretty rare occurrence).DSC_0836DSC_0975We chose the name rings but there are a lot of other really nice personalized gift ideas on the Centime website! Two of my personal favourites are the Skinny Name Plate Bracelets and the Bespoke Pet Portraits. There are so many options for graduates, birthdays, and any other special occasion. Check out their site if you have anything like this coming up and are searching for a gift. It’s such a nice personalized gift to give to someone. DSC_0986You can also find Centime on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Have a great week! Alex (& Paige)

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Changing of the Seasons

DSC_0167Alright, it’s December and these pictures still have greenery in them. What gives? Well honestly these were taken a while ago (I definitely needed a hair cut here), but also, Nova Scotia’s weather is so much more temperate than Ontario! We still haven’t had a snowfall and it’s getting closer and closer to Christmas. As I write this post I can hear the wind and rain hitting my window in that soothing sleepy time way. I love the rain. It makes me daydream. It’s also not something I associate with December at all. DSC_0146I’m wearing: Skirt- Shopruche, Shirt- Gap, Necklace- TheGingerWaspDSC_0175DSC_0151DSC_0158
I only have ONE more exam left and then I’m flying home to all the snow and warm hearts that Ontario has to offer! As much as I love the warmer rainy climate of the east coast, I am looking forward to a traditional white Christmas. Decorating the tree, curling up by the fire, and munching on some holiday treats sounds amazing right about now. I’ve almost completed all my holiday shopping but will have to make some last minute trips when I arrive in Ontario. Any suggestions for places to find last minute presents?
DSC_0143 I have been seriously lacking all crafting, art, music  (let’s just say all my passions) this past month and a half. I am so thrilled to be close to home, baking, decorations and every festive treat you can imagine.

Here’s to turning the corner towards happy days!

xo Paige

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Blogging “Break” & Simple Treats

It’s been over a month since we last posted! We’re so sorry for our noted absence from this lovely blogging community. We created this blog as a stress reliever and this past month we decided that blogging would have only added additional stress to our lives. That can’t happen! This is our crafty, girly, lovely friendship refuge! That being said, we are nearing the end of our hectic two months and are so excited to get back on track. Christmas is right around the corner and we’ve slowly been getting ready for our favourite holiday.imageI’ve had the benefit of a few care packages this past month. I have a great support system and I guess I must have sounded pretty stressed out because oodles of homemade cookies and tea were sent my way. I’m grateful for the thoughtfulness of these tokens of support, but even more grateful that I have people in my life who are there for me when I need them. image I’ve also been making sure to take some “me” time this past little while. When life gets crazy I have a tendency of holing up in my room and shedding any sense of self dignity. There’s no reason you can’t enjoy tea (I’ve had so much lately), a good meal, or some festive flowers when stressors pop up.

Just a simple reminder to “treat yo self” during these last few weeks before the holiday bliss hits!

infinite x’s and o’s

Paige (& Alex)

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Happy Halloween!

DSC_0863Happy Halloween to all my favourite ghouls and ghosts! I absolutely love Halloween (and any excuse to wear a costume). Growing up, my mom was incredibly dedicated to creating some beautiful costumes, some of which I’m just starting to appreciate.DSC_0827
I celebrated Halloween a day early this year because of a perhaps less festively enthused professor released a large assignment today with a Monday morning deadline. I refuse to let homework get in the way of my love of the season! However, due to a student budget  and time limitations, I had to come up with a costume that was practical, simple, and cheap this year.DSC_0873DSC_0849
I’m wearing: Dress- H&M, Scarf-Thrift find, Boots- Steve Madden, Necklace- Ginger Wasp. 

Last night was my celebratory costume party night- I went as a skeleton (check it out on Instagram). I know this costume isn’t exceptionally unique, but it was really easy (cutting up a white t-shirt) and cheap (just needed face paint), so it was perfect for my situation!DSC_0875DSC_0864
My mini-celebration tonight is going to be to go “trick or treating” for food for the local organization. Most communities have opportunities like this and you should really check out how you can get involved in a similar project! I’ll be recycling my Mary Poppins costume from last year for this small endeavour.DSC_0857
I hope you’re making the most out of this fun holiday!

All my love & candy corn,


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Alex’s Wishlist: October 2014

Alex's October Wishlist


There is so much on this wishlist that I am head over heels for! First of all, how awesome is that Beastie Boys shirt? Jordan and I went through a huge Beastie Boys phase in high school which makes me love this shirt even more. I also really love that door mat. I’ve been looking for a door mat recently now that winter (and all the slush and salt that comes along with it) is quickly approaching. I’ve also had my eye on the suede vest shown above. It seems to be the perfect fall weather jacket!

What have you been loving this month?

Alex xo

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