DIY Hemp Bracelets

Today I wanted to share a little tutorial on making hemp bracelets! I have been making these since I was a little girl (I think I may even still have the book I learnt from lying around somewhere) so I’m pretty sure I could make these in my sleep. The images may make it seem a little bit confusing but I promise you that once you figure out the basic steps you will be able to make these yourself without any problems. 
While making these bracelets I made three different variations of the same technique. I will show you how to do the simple hemp “knot” (or whatever you would like to call it) and then explain how to get the other two effects!
Step 1: Start by cutting two strands of hemp that are about a meter long. Fold them each in half and tie a knot at the point where they are folded in order to create a loop at the top. You should now how four even strands of hemp. Separate the strands into three sections. One on the far left, two in the middle and one on the far right. Take the stand on the far right and fold it over top of the two middle ones. You should get the shape of a sail!

Step 2: Take the strand on the far left and place it overtop of the one you have just crossed over in step one.

Step 3: Fold the strand from the far left underneath of the one creating the sail shape and continue to feed it underneath the two middle strands.

Step 4 & 5: Make sure the strand that was just fed underneath the two middle strands is now on top of the far right strand. While holding the two middle strands tight, pull both of the outer stands outward until your knot is formed! Continue doing this while making sure to switch back and forth between the left and right strands. For example, your next knot will start by creating the sail shape with the far left strand. You then will mirror the last few steps in order to create your knot. At even intervals, thread a bead onto your outer strands and then continue with the knotting process.

Step 6: To finish off your bracelet, select a button that will fit through the looped end that you created in step 1. Feed the ends of your hemp through the button and tie it off. Snip off any excess hemp. 
Those are the basics. Now let me explain how to do the different variations! The reason that the purple bracelet is very flat is because I was rotating which side started the knot. The left side would create the sail shape for the first knot, the right side would create the next and so on. To get the twisted look like in the blue bracelet, simply stick to one side when you are creating your knots. If you start knotting with the far left strand, continue to do so for the entire length of the bracelet!
The green and blue bracelets (and the two shown above) are also slightly different from the purple bracelet because they have the beads on the inside of the bracelet as opposed to on the outside like the purple one. You can get this look by feeding the beads through the two middle strands instead of the outer ones! Simple as that. 
I hope this tutorial was easy enough to follow along with! If you haven’t made hemp bracelets before I know that these instructions may make it seem difficult but just try it out and I think you will be surprised as to how easy it actually is! If you have already made them before I hope this just serves as an inspiration to get out your hemp and start making them all over again!

Have a great day!

Alex xo

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Runnin’ Runnin’ Runnin’

DSC_0183Alright! This is our public declaration that we have signed ourselves up for a half marathon! We’re hoping that by tracking some of our training on the blog, you guys will hold us accountable! DSC_0205-copy
This post marks our first training day (in which it was POURING rain). Poor Jordan stood outside with an umbrella snapping the shots of us leaving for our first run together. As chilled as we were after, it was a good start to the training. We’re basically going from couch to half-marathon, so this is a big step out our comfort zone! Not only has it already been a great marker of our friendship, but it really does feel great setting a big goal and making the necessary steps (or runs) to achieve it!DSC_0143 DSC_0139DSC_0125DSC_0130-copyDSC_0126
As we started this process we’ve already learned so much! We’re probably going to invest in some more heavy duty running shoes when the mud clears away. Also, my running/yoga pants are not the best attire! I swear my pants were sliding down every stride (pants and shorts with elastic bands are key). Finally, and most importantly, a running partner is the best and most helpful thing in achieving your goals. Not only was the run accomplished without one of us quitting halfway, but it was also just a fun, social, hang out! Having someone there beside you makes the entire process more enjoyable.
DSC_0162-copyDSC_0254It’s finally official. Rain or snow, we are starting our running training! We hope you guys hold us to this, and that we can actually achieve this goal in time (we’re running on Alex’s birthday in July). If you have any running or training tips we’d love to hear them! This is a big step out of our comfort zone, so we’re going to need all the help we can get!

Happy running!

xo Paige (& Alex)

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Paige’s April Wishes

April Wishlist


I’ve always loved that April brings about the colour and joy of Spring. A lot of the things on my wish list this month are simply bright and happy indulgences. Who doesn’t love something fresh and fun? I’ve been wanting a baby blue dress for as long as I can remember, but usually the only ones I can find are WAY out of my price range. I love this blue dress from Ruche because I think I could actually own it!

The “Well Read Women” book I actually gave my friend Julia for her birthday a few weeks ago! I know I really love someone when I give them something I not-so-secretly would love to have for my own. The book is a cool combination of watercolour illustrations of famous female characters in literature and their iconic quotes. The women vary from Nancy Drew to Jane Eyre to Anna Karenina, which makes it even better in my mind! On another gift related note: the lovely Alex gave me a Polaroid camera and I’ve been itching to use it! I need to get my hands on some Polaroid paper though. Unfortunately it seems like none of the stores near me offer any of the paper, so I’m ordering online. Expect fun polaroid shots in the future!

Hope you’re having a cheery, colourful April!

xo Paige

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Monday Morning Shake Up: Top Notch

DSC_0826It feels like it’s been forever since I created a playlist for the blog! We have been loving all of the playlist contributors lately but it does feel good to get back at it myself this week. I must admit, this playlist is a little bit random but I think it still works together. There are a couple of older songs on here that are favourites of mine (ahem A Fine Frenzy ahem) and a lot of newer tunes! Jordan has been obsessed with the new Manchester Orchestra album lately so I feel as though it’s only fitting that I include two of their new songs in this playlist. Let me know what you think of them! 

DSC_0403Have a great Monday!

Alex xo

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Clog Season

It’s clog season, ya’ll! The snow seems to really be melting away in these parts which means the sidewalks are finally dry and ice-free. It may be a small feat in some of your eyes, but after this long Canadian winter this is a very exciting moment for us! I also think that this is the first outfit post in months that doesn’t have an inkling of snow. (cue happy dance!)
One side of Jordan’s family is very dutch (blond hair, blue eyes galore at family get togethers) and I always always feel a little out of place. I always joke with Jordan that my clog collection is my way of fitting in with his family. ha! I’m hoping to pick up a new pair (or two) when we travel to The Netherlands with his extended family this summer. To those of you who are skeptics, although walking on wooden heels may seem like it would be an uncomfortable experience, these are actually the comfiest heels that I own. I have others that come close, but to me, I could walk just as far in these as I can with any of my flats. 
This was also my go to dress last summer and I have a feeling that it will become that again during the next few months. I love the little details on it and the material is very silky so it’s perfect during the hot summer months. It also kind of feels as though you are secretly wearing a moo-moo so if you’re into that kind of comfort, this is the dress for you! haha.
I’m wearing: Dress: Dear Creatures / Clogs: Lotta From Stockholm / Tights: Target
Have a great day everyone! If you’re in Toronto I hope you’re enjoying this amazing weather we’ve been having!

Alex xo

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