Giveaway: Believe Bistro

DSC_0246Remember our review of Believe Bistro earlier this month? We hinted in there that you would get your chance to win your own tea and we are happy to announce that the tea giveaway is starting now! Bobbie from Believe Bistro is giving away an inspirational mug and a selection of their teas. All in all you will be getting around 30 dollars worth of stuff! We really loved the tea that was sent our way so we’re excited to see what you think of it! If this is something that you’re interested in be sure to check out the entry options below to make sure your name is in the running.
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This giveaway will run until April 30th at midnight and it is open worldwide so be sure to enter for your chance to win!

Good luck :)

Alex (& Paige) xo

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Braided Rosette Hair Tutorial

DSC_0628I am so happy with how this hair style turned out! Paige and I were trying to come up with something new to try because we both feel as though we are currently stuck in a “hair rut”. We are getting tired of doing our classic go-to styles and wanted to switch it up a little bit. We came up with this braided rosette style because we felt as though it was simple, subtle and also made us feel as though we were secretly wearing flowers in our hair. (ha!) We also love that it can be worn for almost any occasion. Weather it’s a festival this summer, a wedding or work, this hair style is perfect for everything. We love coming up with hair styles that are so versatile! Braided-Rosette-HairstyleStep One: Tease the crown of your head.

Step Two: Smooth out the top of the hair and pin to the back of your head. Make sure you pin where you want your rosettes to be! This way you can use your braids to cover up the bobby pins.

Step Three: Take the section of hair that you just pinned down and braid the section that comes after the bobby pin.

Step Four: Twist the hair around in a spiral to create the rosette shape. Pin it in place.

Step Five: Grab a section of hair from the left side of your head and pin it back near the first rosette.

Step Six: Repeat steps 3 and 4 for this section of hair.

Step Seven: Grab a section of hair from the right side of your head and again, pin it back near the other two rosettes.

Step Eight: Repeat steps 3 and 4 to complete the last braided rosette!DSC_0642Once you’re finished creating your three rosettes, pin back any loose pieces. You can also pin your bangs under your hair like Paige did to create a more polished look! If you haven’t already done so, you can also quickly curl the left over hair to give it a little bit of a wave although we think that this would look really awesome with straight hair too!DSC_0640DSC_0663We are so happy with how this turned out! If you decide to try it let us know! Better yet, send us a photo to or tag us on instagram with the hashtag “whimsydarling”.

Alex (& Paige) xo

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Monday Morning Shake Up: Front Porch Songs

This may seem like a very strange topic for a playlist. As April comes to an end, all I can think of is the feeling of exams ending and the beginning of “Summer” vacation. While I was still at Queen’s, during our final days together as a house, we would spend so much time on our front porch hanging out, studying, listening to music, drinking beer, and soaking up the sun. I have such fond memories of those last few weeks that I’ve decided to dedicate a playlist towards it! Cheers to my five wonderful housemates and the different journeys we’ve all had in the past year! 1013881_10151664943859701_1618161600_n copy260139_10151162600454701_1441946892_n copy
A few of these tunes are new favourites of mine that I could totally listen to on the front porch with a beer in hand. Most of the songs, however, remind me of dance parties and fun times with my housemates!947391_10151594371894701_2047959439_n
I hope you’re all finding ways to make the final days of April happy and special. No matter what time of the year, things can get stressful. Spending time outside, listening to music, and surrounding yourself with loved ones are the best ways I’ve found to cope with stress. 390666_10151594373029701_1603584370_nBonus Picture: In the last weeks of April our neighbours had wee little bunnies. It’s Easter, so it’s appropriate… right??

Hope your day is fondly nostalgic!

xo Paige


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Windy Day Bliss

DSC_0976We had a lot of fun taking these pictures (right before we went to the insanely awesome Joel Plaskett concert). Firstly, it was warm enough outside for us to ENJOY taking photos and we had a lot of fun with it. Secondly, it was so windy that random chunks of debris kept flying into me (including, but not limited to- caution tape, muffin wrappers, and crossword puzzles).DSC_0946DSC_0915DSC_0978
Since Alex and I weren’t planning to snap pictures that day, I was just wearing a typical “me” outfit. I think sometimes I over think things when it comes to the blog and sometimes that results in less “me” style. I was so comfortable that I got a bit goofy (I awkwardly waved to the single passerby).DSC_0916DSC_0928-copyDSC_0971I don’t know if you can tell, but I did a mini mix-up with my hair a few weeks ago! I added a few highlights around my face that start about halfway down my hair. I don’t know what you’d call it (ombre pieces?), but it was the little pick-me-up I needed as winter was seeming to drag on and on.  Credit to my awesome hair stylist, Sylvie Cote-Metcalf of Rush Hair Studio. I’m one of those rotten people who prolongs hair appointments until it’s in a dire state and Sylvie has worked miracles for me (re: blonde to plum this fall).DSC_0968DSC_0882I’m wearing: Top- Modcloth, Skirt-Gift (similar) , Lipstick- MAC DSC_0871Have a sunny (windy) Friday!

xo Paige

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DIY Hemp Bracelets

Today I wanted to share a little tutorial on making hemp bracelets! I have been making these since I was a little girl (I think I may even still have the book I learnt from lying around somewhere) so I’m pretty sure I could make these in my sleep. The images may make it seem a little bit confusing but I promise you that once you figure out the basic steps you will be able to make these yourself without any problems. 
While making these bracelets I made three different variations of the same technique. I will show you how to do the simple hemp “knot” (or whatever you would like to call it) and then explain how to get the other two effects!
Step 1: Start by cutting two strands of hemp that are about a meter long. Fold them each in half and tie a knot at the point where they are folded in order to create a loop at the top. You should now how four even strands of hemp. Separate the strands into three sections. One on the far left, two in the middle and one on the far right. Take the stand on the far right and fold it over top of the two middle ones. You should get the shape of a sail!

Step 2: Take the strand on the far left and place it overtop of the one you have just crossed over in step one.

Step 3: Fold the strand from the far left underneath of the one creating the sail shape and continue to feed it underneath the two middle strands.

Step 4 & 5: Make sure the strand that was just fed underneath the two middle strands is now on top of the far right strand. While holding the two middle strands tight, pull both of the outer stands outward until your knot is formed! Continue doing this while making sure to switch back and forth between the left and right strands. For example, your next knot will start by creating the sail shape with the far left strand. You then will mirror the last few steps in order to create your knot. At even intervals, thread a bead onto your outer strands and then continue with the knotting process.

Step 6: To finish off your bracelet, select a button that will fit through the looped end that you created in step 1. Feed the ends of your hemp through the button and tie it off. Snip off any excess hemp. 
Those are the basics. Now let me explain how to do the different variations! The reason that the purple bracelet is very flat is because I was rotating which side started the knot. The left side would create the sail shape for the first knot, the right side would create the next and so on. To get the twisted look like in the blue bracelet, simply stick to one side when you are creating your knots. If you start knotting with the far left strand, continue to do so for the entire length of the bracelet!
The green and blue bracelets (and the two shown above) are also slightly different from the purple bracelet because they have the beads on the inside of the bracelet as opposed to on the outside like the purple one. You can get this look by feeding the beads through the two middle strands instead of the outer ones! Simple as that. 
I hope this tutorial was easy enough to follow along with! If you haven’t made hemp bracelets before I know that these instructions may make it seem difficult but just try it out and I think you will be surprised as to how easy it actually is! If you have already made them before I hope this just serves as an inspiration to get out your hemp and start making them all over again!

Have a great day!

Alex xo

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