Anthro-Inspired Bedroom Makeover

I mentioned before here that my bedroom has always been the “unfinished” room in our apartment. I feel as though everyone has at least one of these in their home. The space where everything works, it just doesn’t flow very well and is not quite where you want it to be. That has always been our bedroom. I knew I wanted to update a few things but didn’t really want to spend a lot of money doing so. While searching for inspiration I stumbled across this and this on the Anthropologie website. I really loved the simplicity and the pops of colour the duvet cover had and decided I could probably make it myself for pretty cheap.
Here are the supplies I used to finish the project:

  • 2 White Bedsheets
  • Martha Stewart “Saffron” Paint
  • 140 pieces of Embroidery Thread in a variety of colours
  • These pillows from Modcloth
  • A Plain White Bedskirt
  • Black Paint
  • Q-tips
  • Black Thread

I started by sewing black lines on one bed sheet. It was a little hard to keep the lines straight but by marking spots about twelve inches from the side of the sheet all the way down and then following them as I sewed really helped keep things straight. After finishing the black lines I sewed both sheets together (leaving a small opening at the bottom for the duvet). I’m planning on adding buttons to the end to close up that opening, but I haven’t gotten around to that yet. Oops!
To finish off the duvet cover I made about 300 tassels out of embroidery thread. That number sounds insane, I know. I thought it would take me a very long time to finish them all but it really did go quicker than I thought. I parked myself in front of the T.V. for a little bit each night and was finished them within a few days. I think the trick with this is to not try to rush to get them done. If you’re expecting to do them all in one sitting you will probably find yourself getting very frustrated.
As I was working on the duvet Jordan painted our headboard! I’m so glad we finally decided to go ahead with it. It’s something we’ve been talking about for a while now but couldn’t decide on a colour. This took him a little while because we chose to use paint over spray paint. It ends up being a lot cheaper, but you have to really take your time doing many thin coats to stop the paint from streaking.
I finished the duvet by hand sewing all of the tassels around the edge of both the duvet and pillow cases. This is another project you will want to be watching a movie or show as you’re doing it. Also, a thimble is key. I managed to lose mine right before starting this project and by the end my thumbs were so sore!Antro-Inspired-Bedroom-Makeover5Antro-Inspired-Bedroom-Makeover23
I finished the project by following this tutorial to make polka dots on the bedskirt using a q-tip. I have been searching for a bedskirt for a while now but they all seem to be too plain or too frilly. Once I saw the tutorial for polka dot napkins I knew I wanted to try it to recreate the bedskirt I found on Antropologie.
This was a pretty big project but I’m so happy with how it turned out. It was just the update our room was needing. All in all this project cost us around 50 dollars. That’s a pretty big saving for doing everything ourselves!

I hope you’re all having a great week!

Alex xo

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37 thoughts on “Anthro-Inspired Bedroom Makeover

  1. I love this!!! The pops of color are just perfect, and I love the color you chose for the headboard. Everything looks so fresh and unique. It’s got me thinking about doing some updating in my bedroom:) Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. This is SO cute! I adore this. Where did you find the headboard, though? or was it already part of your bed?
    I desperately need a headboard but they are so expensive!

    • I actually bought it off Kijiji a couple years ago. We have a footboard too that matches but I decided it made the room look too small and took it off when we were starting this project.

  3. Wow! When I took a peek on Monday I forgot I gave you the sheets and thought you bought them…the black line sewed onto them looks fantastic! I still think you are crazy making all the tassels (but you get that from me I’m afraid…I know you love to hear that lol). It all looks wonderful and I love your lil apartment it is so cozy and fun!

    • haha it wasn’t too bad when I distracted myself with movies and TV shows. It gave me an excuse to just sit back and relax some nights :)

    • haha that’s kind of like my old duvet cover. I made it during my second year of University and it was a dark grey with ruffles along the one corner. We’ve been using it for the past year together but I always felt bad because of how “girly” it was. This one he’s a fan of because it has my need for colour and he likes any type of Mexican looking decor. :)

  4. This is so beautiful, I love all the bright fun colors. I wouldn’t dare attempt it, those would be just too tempting for my kitten.

  5. THIS! I was so excited when I found this on Pinterest! After drooling over the duvet cover at Anthro I finally decided to create one myself and just started making the tassels last night. I’m a little nervous about sewing straight lines so we’ll see how that turns out…but I’m excited to see that someone has tried this and it turned out so great!

    • haha have fun making all the tassels! I hope you’ve found a good T.V. show to watch while making them because it can seem like a tedious process. The straight lines were actually easier than I though it would be! I’m sure you will have no problem. I would love to see your duvet cover when it’s finished! You can email us some pictures are or even just add me on instagram so I can see it when it’s done (alexnieuwhof). Have fun!

  6. How did you sew the tassels to the sheet? I am making a scarf which is basically like the bed spread above but a scarf lol

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  9. if buying the embroidery thread now I think it would cost about $200 for the embroidery thread!!!! LOL

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  14. How thick did you make each tassle? I’ve been wanting those sheets so badly, but there so expensive. This is much cheaper & I’m up for the crafty challenge!

    • It totally depends on your personal preference. I ended up cutting one strand of embroidery thread into three pieces to get three tassels. The original duvet has much thicker tassels (probably one embroidery thread per tassel) but that was just too costly for me.

      I hope this helps! Ours has held up really nicely. One suggestion I do have that I don’t think I added in the post is to soak your embroidery thread in cold water before making the tassels so the colours won’t bleed when you wash it. We’ve also has 3 or 4 fall off since making it but it’s easy to see them back on if that happens :)

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