DIY Umbrella Revamp

When I bought this red umbrella I knew I’d eventually want to do something extra to it but decided to wait until after my Mary Poppins outfit post. I didn’t want to overdo it or make something too busy, so I only painted the inside of the umbrella. I’m so happy with how it turned out!
Basically, all you need is a plain/solid coloured umbrella. I used this red one since I already had it, but I think a white or black one would work even better! If you’re planning on buying an umbrella for this project, I suggest planning out the colours you want to paint on it first.
The concept for making this is super easy. I bought a container of off-white Martha Stewart paint at Michael’s (but really, any kind of fabric paint could be used). I chose hearts because they are cute, a little different than polka-dots, but still something I can freehand paint. If you want to do a more ambitious design you could always make stencils out of tape! UmbrellaDIY20
Tip: I was worried about the paint bleeding with my freehand attempts, but as long as you use fabric paint, it seemed to be fine! Just be prepared to do at least two layers of paint on your pattern choice.
I decided to have a uniform starting point – I worked from  the centre of the umbrella and painted a heart in each section. From there on I just scattered hearts around where I thought I wanted them. The pre-existing sections definitely helped to keep things relatively organized.
Tah-dah! That’s all it takes, easy as pie! One personalized umbrella done in a matter of hours (most of which is spent waiting for the paint to dry). I hope this inspires you to make a cool umbrella of your own as November rain and sleet creeps into our everyday lives.

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34 thoughts on “DIY Umbrella Revamp

  1. I like that you painted it on the inside. It gives it an unexpected touch. I have a black umbrella that is screaming for a redo and rainy weather in the forcast for a couple of day so I need to do this right now.

  2. Is there a benefit to fabric paint over others? Any drawback to using acrylic? Maybe that may be affected by any actual wetness from the rain.

    • I’m not sure what the drawbacks of acrylic are but I know the fabric paint worked really well for the limited use I had. Although I only painted the inside of the umbrella which is also a safer bet! If you used acrylic paint I would suggest the inside of the umbrella for that reason :)

      • Yeah, I only have acrylics and was hoping not to have to get something else =P. Painting on the inside is way sweeter anyhow! It was cute to see that you were replying to each comment one at a time in order. Haha, I got the emails in case you answered me. Thanks!

  3. Didn’t you have to iron it after 24h? I have fabric paint but on instruction there is said that I shoud iron it. I don’t think it’s good for umbrella.

    • Hey Ewelina! This is a great point. It completely depends on the make of the paint you use AND the type of material the umbrella is made of. Some do require ironing. I chose to paint only the inside of the umbrella just to be safe and avoid the chance of ruining the umbrella. There are some waterproofing sprays you could use if you didn’t want to iron the umbrella!

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  6. Oh man this is just so cute! Love times a million. I might give it a try with a really funky geometric pattern. Thanks for the inspiration and a really great tutorial!

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